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Digital Learning Systems

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting


We can provide a diverse range of cloud based E-learning tools and performance management systems

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource Consulting


We're experts in finding the right talent, and structuring your organization to maximize your talent's growth and output

Talent Management Systems

Human Resource Consulting

Talent Management Systems


Our cloud based services allow us to implement cost efficient talent management services, constantly up in the cloud with no downtime

What is Digital Learning?


Digital Learning

It's a broad range term that encompasses learning management systems, digital learning content and courses and certifications that are delivered primarily through the internet. 

Why Digital?

Digital Learning beats physical seminars, week long courses and revolutionizes continual professional education. Digital Learning allows for flexible learning, available anywhere and anytime, at a low cost. Furthermore, modern cloud based learning systems allow an organization to monitor their employee's learning and engagement with the content, ensuring that your employees are trained and certified. 

We Forget

Our minds can only recall information after continual practice and spaced repetition, and physical courses, one off seminars and training weekends don't allow for this. Most workers forget the ideas of their training seminar in a short period of time. Making you investment into the training a loss. 

When you have digital content, you can refer back to it anytime anywhere, improving your recall and keeping yourself up to date with the latest information. 


Not everyone learns the same

Some prefer to learn by reading, watching, practicing or even flashcards. A simple training doesn't cater to the needs of today's learners, to learn better our digital learning libraries include a diverse set of mediums that learners can engage with whenever and however they want.

A diverse skill set in a lean workforce

Running a business today requires a diverse set of skill from every single employee, they all need to multi-task and do things traditional roles don't call for. With digital learning you can train your workforce to do anything -whether it's Data Analysis, Leadership and Team Management, Health and Safety, Cyber Security, Financial Analysis, or the best practices in any industry. With this, you can drastically up-skill your workforce do serve a range of roles.

Performance Management

How do you engage if your employees have successfully retained the information from your monthly training?

You don't.

Digital Learning provides analytics to monitor your employee's performance and retention when engaging with content, letting you know which of your workers are performing at their top level and aspiring for career growth. 

What do our partners do?

Skillsoft Pakistan


SkillSoft is a world renowned Learning Content and Learning Management System Company, 65% of the Fortune 500 trust SkillSoft to train their workers. Our relationship with SkillSoft dates back to 2015, where we established partnership and were first to launch in Pakistan. With their help, we set the precedent to transition from costly and maintenance intensive in-house LMS to completely cloud based Digital Learning.

Quickstart Pakistan


QuickStart is our preferred partner for IT and Engineering based training and certifications. They provide certified training with some of the biggest technology firms and tools in the world, namely Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, ITIL and Cisco. 

We can partner and make your employees experts in CyberSecurity, Data Analysis, Web Architecture, DevOps and SCRUM.

KPI Pakistan

The KPI Institute

Our consultants are expert practitioners in KPIs, we can come in provide analysis and implement KPIs to monitor your firms progress and help them grow in the right direction.


Ardor Learning

We know that fluency in English is often a challenge when we try to expand our business to international markets, that's why Ardor Learning's English Language solutions can help improve your employees language skills so they can communicate and effectively conduct business with the rest of the world.